JUST Egg About To Become Cheaper Than Chicken Eggs

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JUST formerly known as Hampton Creek has begun construction on a new 30,000 sq. ft. production building that sits on 40 acres of land in Appleton Minnesota. This will allow the company to begin larger scale operations of their JUST Egg and other products.

Their mission and hope with this new increase in production capacity is to not only be more competitively priced compared to the animal product version, but to become cheaper.

“To make our mission happen, we need to scale,” JUST co-founder and CEO Josh Tetrick said. “Separating the protein from the bean requires talent, proprietary processing, and a supportive community. We found all that and more in Appleton.”  

The new facility is the largest employer in the small town of Appleton and was once the home of Del Dee Foods who produced milk derived whey. It contains an expansive warehouse, food processing equipment, offices, a quality assurance laboratory and even more space for future expansion.

“Having JUST acquire our facility is a win win for everyone, including the city of Appleton,” the facility production manager of Del Dee and co-owner John Droogsma said in a joint statement. “In one year, we have doubled our staff and JUST has plans to continue that trend. That is great news for our town.” 

Since its launch back in 2018 Just Egg has disrupted the equivalent of 10 million chicken eggs so far. As of now it costs 20 cents to make one vegan egg but once the new facility comes online in the next two years JUST is predicting it will cost only 4.7 cents per vegan egg.

With animal ag peaking by 2030 per many studies and reports it’s important that these companies create the food system of our new vegan future. JUST is doing just that.

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